Getting yourself a top of the Local Google Leaderboard can be a challenge. Google implements many algorithms within their search engine to ensure that more of the authentic and resourceful websites/businesses are pushed to the top. Google could rank your business, or your competition, higher than others based on distance/proximity, reviews, engagement, interaction, etc.

It is extremely important that business/brand owners submit their business to online directories (such as Google’s, Get Your Business Online), Yelp (if applicable) and so forth. Not only can these directories produce leads, they also showcase that your business is consistent. I.e., your business hours, description, etc. are both listed and found consistently online.

Local keywords are also very crucial with local search rankings. Many folks believe that having a website is simply all that they need to complete their online presence. However, it is sometimes quite the opposite. Don’t get us wrong, websites are great but one needs to look at the internal systems, i.e., foundation, of that particular website. Websites need to have proper data structure, popular keywords, creative and resourceful descriptions and so forth.

An example can be found when one types in, ‘local personal finance coach’ within Google. One of the first results you should see within Greenville (as of October 22nd, 2018) is the webpage with the title, ‘Local Personal Finance Coach inspired by Dave Ramsey & Chris Hogan.’ This high Google ranking is for one of our clients, Eric Swofford. Swofford is located here in Greenville and thus, is local. As such, his website,, should be one of the first results if you are searching within the Upstate, South Carolina area.

Notice that we did not simply put, ‘Eric Swofford: YesEric Finance’ within the page title of our webpage. Though this is a relevant title, it is a description that is not likely to be searched by potential customers unless they already knew about Eric Swofford. The page title we created for Swofford (YesEric), ‘Local Personal Finance Coach Inspired by Dave Ramsey & Chris Hogan,’ indicates a lot about Swofford’s services in the page title alone, enabling him to list higher in the local rankings. We can even identify the following about Swofford before we even enter his website/webpage:

  1. He is local.
  2. Swofford is a personal finance coach
  3. He has been inspired by Dave Ramsey + Chris Hogan

It was very important for us to include the names, ‘Dave Ramsey’ and ‘Chris Hogan’ as Eric is considered to be an ‘FPU Coordinator’ with Dave Ramsey’s network. This also gave us the capability to ‘vet’ future customers/clients of Eric’s; Dave Ramsey + Chris Hogan have concrete views on getting out of debt, views that many could agree or disagree with.

Lastly, it was extremely important for us to create a Google My Business Page for YesEric. Google My Business, or GYBO, is a free service from our nice partners at Google. A GYBO page allows customers to understand more about your services, leave and view reviews, identify your phone number, website, directions and much more. We believe GYBO is playing an extremely crucial role in identifying additional leads.

Having both an appealing and friendly website across all platforms (laptop, desktop, smartphones, tablets) provides higher engagement times and better conversions. We understand the importance of branding and how your particular brand looks online. We are very OCD about branding and want to ensure that we are conveying the message that you want in a simple and creative manner.

Our website design consists of full websites, logo designs and a branding toolkit. We fine tune the small details, does your website have consistent font across all web pages? Are you using the exact same colors within your website + social media? Have fast is your website running across all devices? Is it accessible? We will constantly ask ourselves this line of questioning when we design a website, from foundation to finish as a first impressions can make or break a brand.

Website design can be a marathon and not a sprint, every online element needs for the online presence of your brand needs to have a rationale as to why that element is utilized. Websites have limited real-estate space and it is our job at Curated Village to ensure that you are using every pixel of your website for monetization purposes if that is your thing.

It is a common misconception that a Google Search provides users ‘live-results’ of the internet. There are exceptions, Twitter and Verified News, to name a few, but a ‘live version’ of the internet is a myth.

Instead, Google receives content and information from your website days, if not weeks, after your website has been published online, or after you, edit/create web pages. Spiders (hang with us…) crawl every web page within your website to identify what content + information they can use for Google. This content + information contains important keywords that are relevant to your brand.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), if implemented correctly, can allow brands to get atop of both the national and local leaderboard if utilized correctly, regardless of website appeal.

It is important for us at Curated Village to identify and implement keywords that are relevant to your brand’s current industry trends, commonly searched phrases and words, etc. We utilize a wide variety of resources and tools to identify the appropriate keywords to use for your online presence. We also monitor and manage SEO within your website, ensuring that you do not drastically lose your high ranking. Like website design, SEO is a marathon and will never be a sprint. It is important to know that we, nor other agencies, should never promise certain Google Rankings. Google Rankins can and will fluctuate, almost on a daily basis. One should keep competition, keyword market and industry trends in mind for SEO. Companies often hire in-house SEO specialists to maintain their online presence every day. Our goal is to help you get there for your brand.

Social Media allows for both brands and individuals to engage with their customers/followers. Social Media is, and will continue to be, highly competitive. Brands are identifying ways to get noticed and disrupt their industry via their social media accounts. Engaging content, news, and consistency are just a few ways that brands are generating followers, likes and shares. But how?

Curated Village will uncover the most appropriate market plan for Facebook, Twitter + Instagram. We’ve worked + collaborated with both national + local influencers in an effort to share your message to the masses in an ‘internet word of mouth’ type of way.

We will also run in-depth analytics that will showcase your best social media behaviors, hashtags, geo-locations, captions and best engagement times. These analytics can also provide us with a better insight into the market(s) that we are targeting or audiences that we could invest more into.

We are huge believers in email campaigns IF done appropriately. Email campaigns not only provide crucial insights into your market but also allow you to touch potential and current customers.

Newsletters we create are often engaging and content-worthy as we nobody enjoys receiving mundane newsletters, these type of newsletters are worthy of an unsubscribe.

Brands and businesses alike can monetize their social media posts. We partner with Facebook + Instagram to collaborate with other established influencers from both a national + local standpoint.

Our goal at Curated Village is to understand your brand, generate organic growth + monetize you + your network. We will partner you with other local + national influencers, businesses + brands where we see fit. You’ll have the biggest say in what we do, we can only guide you as your co-captains (this sounds much better than, ‘your managing agency’).

An Instagram Influencer Management Assessment is required before we consider representing Instagram Influencers. Please complete the below form if you are interested:

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