Local Greenville, South Carolina Instagram Influencers: Fall 2018

Working with a local Greenville, South Carolina Instagram Influencer can have a significant positive impact on your company’s brand awareness. The best partnerships are the ones that benefit each other, almost like a glove fit. Many Instagram Influencers receive payment for mentioning a company, wearing product, etc. Not all influencers, however, are great fits for certain companies.

Luckily, our local city of Greenville has a vast amount of Instagram Influencers. We’ve ranked our favorite Fall 2018 Instagram Influencers by identifying both individuals and brands with the most Instagram followers. To identify followers, we searched geotags on Instagram, such as, β€˜Greenville, South Carolina’ and other popular Greenville locations: β€˜Furman University,’ etc. We also searched popular Greenville hashtags, hashtags that we considered β€˜hyper-local:’ β€˜ShareGVL,’ β€˜GVLtoday,’ β€˜yeahTHATGreenville,’ β€˜GreenvilleSC,’ β€˜Greenville360,’ etc.

Next we used, IG Audit, a free resource, to determine who had fake/paid followers, eliminating those individuals. IG Audit also provided us with both average likes and comments. This information was beneficial even though we did not look too hard into it. We simply identified organic followers; Instagram users that had a 80% true follower rate or higher.

Our final step was to sort our list, primarily based off of real followers as mentioned, and engagement, to come up with our Fall 2018 Instagram Influencers for Greenville, South Carolina. We could have missed some great accounts, and as such, drop us a line via email or comment below. Each Instagram account has the respective industry that they are in. Curated Village does not represent all influencers seen below.

John Gray // @realjohngray // Pastor

Marley Lilly // @marleylilly // Online Boutique

Megan Runion // @meganrunionmcr // Fashion Blogger

Shop Dress Up // @shopdressup // Online Boutique

Jennifer Gelman // @bwmcfitness // Fitness Blogger

Tajh Boyd // @tajhboyd10 // Athlete

Connor Shaw // @cmshaw9 // Athlete

Sandi Morrs // @sandicheekspv // Athlete

VisitGreenvilleSC // @visitgreenvillesc // Official City Instagram

Bob Reese // @bobreesecookiemonster // Athlete

Catherine Grey // @catherine.grey // Fashion Blogger

Madeline Custer // @madeline_moves // Fitness Blogger

Patrick Cox // patrickcox // Photographer

Tim Roller // @timrollerphotography // Photographer

Rory Scovel // @roryscovel // Comedian

GVLtoday //@gvltoday // Local Interest Blog

Rich Constantine // @dr.c_smiles // Viral Celebrity + Dentist

Wesley Turner + Daniel Schavey // @farmshenanigans // Reality TV

Southern Bliss Designs // @southernblissdesigns // Online Store

Holly Durst Julian // @hollyjulian // Travel Blogger

Methodical Coffee // @methodicalcoffee // Coffee Shop

Swamp Rabbit Cafe // @swamprabbitcafe // Bakery

Jonathan Caleb // @jonathan_caleb_cake // Bakery

Lena Schaeffner // @lenaschaeffner // Professional Golfer

Mast General Store // @mastgeneralstore // Retail Store

Matt Snipes // @mattsnipes // Small Business Owner

Dorothy Shain // @dorothy_shain // Local Artist

Greenville360 //@greenville360 // Local Interest Blog

Ryan Alford // @ryanalford // Marketing Agent

Pink Bee // @pinkbeewestend // Retail + Online Store

The Mailroom Barber // @themailroombarber // Barber Shop

Justin Bowers // @justinbowersofficial // Small Business Owner

Jenny Hall // @jennyphall // Fashion Blogger

Amanda Louise Campbell // @amandalouiseinteriors // Interior Decorator

Charme Silkiner Jewelry // @charmesilkiner // Jewelry Blog

Ash Brokinton // @ashbrockinton // Lifestyle Blogger

The Upstate Foodie // @theupstatefoodie // Food Blogger

Salon Adelle // @salonadelle // Fashion Blogger

Furman University // @furmanuniversity // Higher Education

The Village Grind // @thevillagegrind // Coffee Shop

WYFF4 // @wyffnews4 // Television Station (Local NBC Affiliate)

Angie Johnston // @southernmodernmom // Parenting Blogger

Community Tap // @communitytap // Taproom

Mikayla Hunt // @_mikaylahunt_ // Marketing Agent

Off The Grid Greenville // @offthegridgreenville // Foodie Blogger

Brooke Ring // @cbrookering // Local Artist

In The Know Upstate // @itkupstate // Local Interest Blog

Amy Wood // @tvamy // Local News Anchor

Marquin Campbell // @marquincampbell // Local Artist